Phonics Game Cards

$ 19.95

These cards enable students to practice their phonics sounds in a playful way.  Children don’t even realize they are reinforcing all of the phonics sounds and are advancing their reading skills while playing with these cards; they just think they’re having fun.  Instructions are included for several games, but there really is no limit to the variety of games that can be created for use with these cards. 



Follow our blog ( to learn about other games you can play with these cards.  You can also submit game suggestions by using our contact us page and entering the subject: “game suggestion.”

This set includes 118 bright, plastic coated cards which emphasize the short vowels sounds in pictures and words. The cards also introduce three-letter words with the short vowel sounds using vibrant, colorful pictures and matching words.

The cards associated with each vowel are color coded and separated by dividers for easy use and organization.   They can be used by themselves, as a supplement to the Basic and Advanced Phonics Cards or they can be used with the manuals developed by Success Reading. (Available soon.)

As with the Basic and Advanced Phonics Cards, the Phonics Game Cards, Short Vowel Sounds are the perfect size to be used on a one-to-one basis or with an entire classroom.  Again, each card is plastic coated for long lasting durability and the rounded corners allow for easy handling.  The file box they are shipped in also can be used not only for storage but for easy portability.


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