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Success Reading Product Review by Third Party Reading Specialist

A couple of months ago we had a fantastic review written for our Basic and Advanced Phonics Cards and for our Phonics Game Cards.  It was written by teacher and Reading Specialist, Valerie Schuetta.   The website in which the review was written,, can be used by homeschooling parents, as well as teachers, educators and administrators as a resource to find supplementary material for

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Reading, Phonics and English

  Is English Difficult to Learn? Not necessarily.  The correct tools can make learning English much easier for people.  Additionally, having the right tools and the right approach to learning English can help young children learn to read much more quickly and easily. Some languages are considered more difficult to learn than others.  The reasons for this can vary depending on the language.  The

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Awesome Homeschool Resources

As a homeschooling parent, do you ever feel alone?  Do you ever feel you want to connect to more homeschool parents that not only will understand you but that can also share valuable information, share experiences as well as exchange resources? We, at Success Reading, have found a great group for homeschooling parents.  They have blogs to address almost every situation you may run

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