About Us


Decoding words is the key to advancement in reading. Our two sets of cards cover all the sounds necessary for a student to easily decode words, making it unnecessary for additional phonics or alphabet cards. These cards were developed to help students master the skills required for successful reading at all levels.  They have been used successfully with readers of all ages including high school and ESL (English as a Second Language) students to rapidly increase reading level skills.

We are currently working on the development of Reading Lessons which are detailed manuals with lesson plans, worksheets, activity sheets, etc. designed to help guide parents or instructors with step-by-step instructions.  If you would like to be notified when these manuals become available, please use the contact us page and enter the subject: “manuals.”

In-person instruction for parents or educators and/or tutoring for students are available at our main office in Burbank, California.  If interested please use the contact us page for more details.

Who We Are

Success Reading was founded by a group of dedicated and talented educators who set out to make a difference in the level of education and literacy of students.

Polly Matthes is a retired kindergarten through twelfth grade teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching and tutoring students of all ages.  She is the brilliant creator of the reading products and videos produced by Success Reading. Utilizing her years of experience and post graduate work in phonics, she created a program anyone could use to help a child learn to read or to help improve a child’s reading skills.  The tools she created as part of her program are extremely simple and easy to use.  Part of her philosophy is to keep all lessons simple yet incredibly effective.  She suggests not moving onto a new step until the student can easily apply what they have already learned.  She also suggests the parent or instructor always keep the lessons short and fun for the student as students learn much more quickly when having fun.

Vicky and Armando Salcido, owners of an award winning tutoring center, have helped thousands of students improve their academics by matching students with quality tutors that consistently achieve successful results.  Their viewpoint is that reading is the fundamental which affects all other subjects and upon which all other subjects depend.  How can a student do word problems in math if he or she cannot read or understand the question?  History, Social Studies and English require a lot of reading; a student would not be able to understand the material or related concepts of these subjects if they have difficulty reading or are not up to the skill level required for those classes.  The foundation for acquiring a valuable education, enabling a higher earning income potential begins as a child with well-developed reading skills.

Success Reading is a division of Success Reading, Inc.  The full name is Success Reading, Inc., dba Success Reading.